Popular mehandi design types in jaipur

Popular mehandi designs in jaipur

Who says no to mehndi? I mean every woman or even girl loves to apply amazing mehndi designs on their hand. Women always fantasize to show off their amazing designs of mehndi of different styles.

Any occasion is enough for women to apply mehndi. We have seen increasing interest of mehndi among women in past years. Today women apply mehndi not only on their hand but on feet, back, shoulder, and other body parts. There are a bunch of mehndi designs to choose among and make an attractive mehndi design on your hand.
People nowadays, getting fascinated with most latest designs of mehndi design. This idea of fashion is making a great impact on our society like any virus. The only medicine available for this is to apply mehndi on hands.
Let’s have a look on some of the mehndi styles.

1 Bridal Mehandi Designs

bridal mehandi design jaipur

In India, the tradition to celebrate a wedding is different from the other countries.  It is been said that the “bride to be” girl wants herself as one in millions. Of course, the bride should be stand out of the crowd and must look the most beautiful girl in the world at the moment. So we provide a great range of designs in Dulhan mehndi designs. You can get a range of great designs with us easily. you can see more bridal mehandi design .

2 Arabic Mehndi Designs


It is believed that Saudi Arabia and Asia have a vital and important culture which is mehndi. While the Arabian ideology is different from those of other countries because they have got some uniqueness in their own way.
While in the same way, Arabic mehndi designs are more famous even not only in Arabia but also in the world.
These designs give a great definition to your hands. They have a true and the nicer with being attractive and giving beauty to your hands. you can see designer mehandi designs.

3 Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

rajasthani mehandi design

When we imagine about the Rajasthani Mehndi designs, we can imagine the hands full of mehndi designs. Normally we see marriage mehndi designs clear and certain on the hand. While you can see that designs are very different and at the moment of marriage it gives a good look with a great touch of different color.

4 Occasional Mehndi Designs


When you want any special design for any particular occasion you can choose among the occasional mehndi designs. In these kinds of design, you can see flowers, which means to signify the brighter side of lives. Bright colors are used to give a special touch to the designs.

5- Pakistani Mehndi Designs

When we talk about Pakistani Mehndi Designs you can see slightly different designs. You can see a different touch among Pakistani Mehndi Designs. Pakistani Mehndi Designs holds a glory that is different from the world. You can see a new feathery touch in designs and you can guess it by only having a look at them.

6 Moroccan Mehndi Designs

When you wish to apply Mehandi in a chic way, you choose the design to be Moroccan. These designs are originated from Middle East. They have got a great geometric shape. These mehandi designs include small and big types of a square, rectangle,  and triangle combined together.
You can see some flower touch and patterns in them which looks more interesting. These designs are best for neck, back, shoulder, etc.

So, when you have a plan to attend any event or marriage function do consult us. Now tell us which one design you like and which suits your hands. You can choose among them to stylish your hands for those particular occasions. Book an appointment and get quick services easily or you can call at 9672224060 or 8384962465.

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